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Our steps to success

1. Vision

Without a vision no business will ever know what they are working towards. For us that is number one.

2. Analysis

We do an in-depth analysis of your business to understand how your business operates and how we can help it succeed. 

3. Action Plan

From our findings during Analysis we put together an Action plan for success aimed at growth.

4. Implementation

A great plan without execution and support is just another dream. We help you achieve the goal through our software solutions and expert advice. 

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Hear from the businesses we help

As a small business owner it is sometimes, well mostly always, hard to keep track of everything happening unless you have a great team, or, in my case, a great eco system backed by great technology. I handle the day to day things easily using Stratushop and then the team of accountants at Stratushop takes care of the rest. The cost of this eco system is a no brainer when compared to all the time I save. I can focus on building my business, the rest is taken care of. 

Berend van Dijk

Captain of the ship, MTNY Studios

We’re more than just a software company. We’re a company that exist to help as many businesses as possible to achieve the kind of success that most dream of. Our software coupled with your need to succeed to will ensure business growth*

*The best way to take control of your business.