Invoice in less than a minute

With Stratushop you can create an invoice in less than a minute.

What will you do with all the extra time?

Our pricing makes it affordable

No more jumping between software platforms to perform the tasks your business requires. Stratushop offers you every tool you’ll need to run your business

A new way of managing your business finances.

Trusted by thousands of business owners, big and small,

to easily send quotes and invoices on the go.

The only tool you’ll ever need

No more jumping between software platforms to perform the tasks your business requires. Stratushop offers you every tool you’ll need to run your business

Simple Invoicing

Invoice customers quickly with an intuitive workflow and overview of invoicing status.

Customer Management

From new leads to anchor customers, all your important contacts are available in one place.


Products & Services

Quickly and effectively manage all your services & products for easy access when creating orders.

Advanced Reporting

Set up reports showing all the data you need to see. Save the templates for later use. You are in control.

Expense Tracking

Create custom expense categories and keep track of all your expenses with the option to upload all your receipts.

Bank Reconciliation

Ensure that all your income and expenditure is reconciled by easily importing your bank statements

Budget Management

Create budgets for projects, customers and suppliers to plan and evaluate the success of your business whilst planning ahead.


Lead Management

Be in control of new business leads and turn them into customers quickly. Never forget about a lead again.

Supplier Management

Manage your suppliers and know what you’ve spent with them. This helps when you’re negotiating fees in the future.


Accounting Journals

Ensure your journals are always up to date with double entries according to accounting standards in South Africa.

Income Statements

See your company’s revenue, less your costs and expenses for a given period, all captured in a ready-to-use format.

Balance Sheets

Get an idea of your company’s financial position by generating balance sheets at the click of a button.

Manage Assets

Easily manage assets with depreciation over time as well as capturing proof of expenses so they are backed up.


Manage Liabilities

Easily manage and keep track of your liabilities, knowing what is owed on loans, overdrafts and mortgages.


Additional Income Types

Capture and keep track of additional income that enters your business that would not have been invoiced for.

VAT Reports

No need to wait for your accountant. Generate VAT reports when you need to get an overview of your VAT due for a certain period.


“Best software ever!!! And the team behind it is phenomenal!”

“My business is finally running streamline. My quotes and invoice get sent 10 times faster.

Everywhere from my bakkie to my local coffee shop is the only office I will ever need.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may have some questions at this stage. Below you can find the answer to some of the frequently asked questions. If you need an answer that isn't here then send us a mail, phone us or even send us a message on Whatsapp. We're here to help.

Is Stratushop really free?

Yes! Giving you Stratushop for free puts you in charge of your business finances without the worry of paying for software. This is our gift to you to salute you for taking a chance on starting your own thing.

Your first 5 invoices a month is on us, along with every feature that Stratushop has to offer.

Can I add my own company logo?

Yes, you can. After all, the invoices do come from you.

How do I create an invoice?

Creating an invoice is super simple. You start by creating an order, then adding all the items you are invoicing for to the order. Once you are happy you press the invoice button. 

When all your details are set up and you have created your products, services and customers, you will be able to create and send an invoice in less than a minute. 

How do I get started?

We have taken the time to craft a journey for you so that you are in control right from the start. No wondering about what you need to do next, just follow the steps. Easy, Simple, Efficient. 

Can I delete an invoice?

No. Deleting an invoice is not possible as invoice numbers must be sequential.

Can I manage more than one Organisation on my profile?

Yes, you can manage more than one organisation without having to log out of Stratushop. Simply switch between organisations with the click of a button.

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